Presented by Cindy Lamb

Originally Recorded: Thursday, May 9th

The left brain is our ‘rational’ brain, and the right brain is our ‘emotional’ brain, right? Not so fast. Emerging research in neuroscience indicates that both sides of the brain have ‘rational’ and ‘emotional’ components. Neuroscience researcher and author, Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor made a groundbreaking discovery regarding the inner workings of the brain when she experienced a left-sided brain stroke. Upon her recovery, she could pinpoint four distinct quadrants of the brain and their role in perception, understanding, psychological flexibility, and emotional regulation. This discovery has tremendous implications for our work in mental health. With this more profound understanding of the mind, we can foster mastery over thoughts and feelings, freeing us from much of the self-imposed suffering we experience. We have far more control and choice over how we show up at any moment than we have been taught. This seminar will give you tremendous insight into your personality and ‘parts’ of yourself. Through this understanding, you can teach yourself and your clients how to seize control of your life and choices and show up as the best version of yourself.