Presenter: Laurie Cox and Michelle Rogers

Originally Presented on Thursday, March 28th 2024 – 12:00-1:00pm Central Time (US and Canada)

Jackson County, Missouri consists of four service areas, as defined by Department of Mental Health, each of which is served by a designated Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization (CCBHO). With the initiation of 988 and the identified need for community-based mobile crisis response, Swope Health Services and University Health Behavioral Health have entered into a formal collaboration to meet this need for our two adjacent service areas. This is the first time that two CCBHOs in the state of Missouri have joined forces in this way. There have been challenges, but they are far outweighed by the benefits to the clients and the agencies. Another amazing collaboration has been created among five CCBHOs, under a SAMSHA grant administered by MARC, which is creating some standard mobile practices across these CCCBHOs which is also unheard of in Missouri. Please join us to learn about 988 and the wonderful improvements to our crisis continuum.